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This web page is devoted to Star Trek custom action figures. Each one has been hand crafted by me.

I'm back from college with new customs to show, other updates to come-

Buy my customs while you still have the chance! They are going fast so join in the frenzy today!

What's New?
Enterprise figures are here! Dr. Phlox and Hoshi are first. Captain Archer, T'Pol, Reed, and Trip are on their way.

Last update: 8/6/03
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Voyager Custom Corner
Here's a little change of pace! How about a scene cut right from an episode. How about "Endgame" arguably one of the best Voyager and maybe one of the best Trek shows ever! I loved it and I loved Alice Krige's return as the Borg Queen even more!
Here she is in the final showdown with Admiral Janeway who is starting to show signs of borgification. (See detail below...) I used the Target Borg 2 Pack as the background.

Loose 4.5" Figures Wanted:
Sea Quest Figures:
- Any crewmembers in uniform

Target Figures:
- Troi
- Picard
- Riker
- Data

Voyager Figures:
- Janeway
- Tuvok
- Harry Kim
- Tom Paris
- Chakotay
- B'Elanna

Generations Figures:
- Kirk
- Chekov
- Scotty

I'm looking for others so send me a list of what you have...

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